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Why DV result 2020 site is not working ?

American Devoted Visa Lottery’s result for 2021 has been published but the site is not working , the reason behind

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Does U.S. really prepared 2 million corona virus (covid-19 ) vaccines ? Donald Trump says ‘Yes’

US President Donald Trump has claimed that the United States has prepared 2 million vaccines for the corona virus (Covid-19).

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What Modi said about Trump’s mediate proposal ? | India-China-USA

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have discussed the china-Indian border dispute and the escalating violence

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Do Donald Trump Kept In Bunker During Floyd George Protest ?

It has been revealed that President Donald Trump has been kept in a bunker after the demonstration in front of

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Why are people protesting in USA ? George Floyd Protests Updates

Most of the people across the world are unknown about the incident that is heppening in the cities of USA.

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What china say about Trump’s Proposal Between India-China Border Dispute ?

China has responded to a proposal by US President Donald Trump to mediate an ongoing border dispute between India and

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Conclusion : Facts Proves Kapapani , Lipulekh & Limpiyadhura As Nepal Territory

Facts and Figures concerning ‘Indo-Nepal’ Disputes on Nepal’s Western Border Kali River Nepal’s history as an independent nation dates back

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Corona Virus : Symptoms and Preventions

CORONAVIRUS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW A new Chinese coronavirus, a cousin of the SARS virus, has infected hundreds since

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Emotions : Defination , Advantages , Disadvantages

As we know that emotions are temporary , the decision that we make brings changes in our emotions. To make

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Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

Warren Buffett says bitcoin is a ‘delusion’ and ‘attracts charlatans’ also A lagging indicator has turned bearish for the first