When your child is entering preschool, social skills can be more important than academic ones.

After all, they’ll have plenty of time for academics throughout their school years, but social skills will enable them to start their journey right. Your child should be able to be away from you and be able to share, take turns, play with others, have good manners and join in with pretend play. A good way to learn these skills is by setting up plenty of play dates before your child enters preschool.

Teach your child how to be organized before he or she starts preschool. Help them use baskets or bins to store similar items together and show them where toys belong after playtime. 

Your child doesn’t need to know how to read and write at this young age, but they should show some readiness, such as being able to recognize some letters. Knowing colors and shapes as well as the difference between real and pretend is also helpful.

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