The famous Nepali public speaker Ramesh Prasain who is known as multi talented person have varieties of skills , among which singing is one. Recently the song on his voice along with main role in video has been released on youtube channel . Lets know a bit about this song. But before that we would like to inform that , if you are hurry to watch video it is attached at the end of this article below.

Taking some credits from the description of video uploading youtube channel we would like to mention you that Phoola laula keshari also known as Ringkibung Ko rago lai is a very popular folk song in Nepalese and Indian community.

The song was written by very famous lyricist, musician CK Shrestha who is belongs to Kalimpong. He has just written this song for a Drama, but was also awarded as the best folk song in India. This is just the re make and re recorded song which is sung by Ramesh Prasain, who is very famous public speaker of Nepal.

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