Clean feed is the video signal without any advertisement .If they want to put Ad they need to put the Nepali advertisements from Nepal only.It means the ads must be made in Nepal with Nepali Language based on nepali arts , culture where the faces and voices must be of Nepali citizen.

We are seeing lots of ads on television where voice is dubbed in nepali but artists are indian celeberity. To make it clear , now after the implementation of Clean Feed , those ads are against policy , advertisement must be of Nepali faces with Nepali Language. Therefore any parties or institution that goes against such rights will be punished as according to law. So Nepal good government, Ministry of Home, have threaten those institution and if necessary also wouldn’t step back to cancel the broadcasting license.

What Does Clean Feed Gives To Nepal ?

Revenue Of The Country : Clean Feed is best source of revenue generation to Nepal Government .Because after the implementation of this policy advertisement must be approved at first and must be policy friendly , so to verify for its legality it must be included in governmental lists which means ads must be registered and must pay taxes to the Nepal Government to be broadcasted among Nepali TV viewers. This will help to boost the revenue of Nepal.

Good Income For Artists : Because Clean Feed must include Nepali artists or Nepali people , it will help to generate good income to celeberities , actors ,etc.

Advantages to Ad Agency : Foreign advertisement also need to be made in Nepal. So instead of foreign advertisement agency, they need to use the local ad agency. This will increase in use of local ad agency. In this way, new ad agency will born in together with existing agency to expand the market.

Other advantages and benifits : After implementing this clean feed policy,there will be employment opportunities in content writing, video graphing, cameraman, designing and many more. The Use of Nepalese Products will be also increase , which directly helps to generate income to small business or handmade products. There will also be the benifits to the hotel and lodges,resorts , resturants , transportation , etc.

Why Clean Feed Is Bad In Nepal ?

There is possibility of some disadvantages to broadcasting provider agencies and customers too because agencies will loss the number of channels that disagree to clean feed policy. On the other hand the channels or programs which are popular among nepali viewers will also be blocked or will not be available if the channel with those popular categories disagrees with the policy.In this context , the regular viewers will be forced to choose alternative source to watch those shows/channels which costs high amount. Either they have to buy subscriptions or must use social media like Netflix, Youtube to watch those channels which is costly to buy data or wifi services.

Coming to an end , from different analysis we can clearly see the high portions of advantages if the Clean feed policiy is implemented well. We came to know that it is advantageous to the Government, Artists , Local product manufacturer, Culture preservation , Business man , etc. .

If you have any views or opinion please feel free to share in the comment section mentioning Advantage or Disadvantages.

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