If you are curious to know about the email you got from Facebook Audiance Network about Bidding , here is the summarization of your curiosity. We are giving you right information read it carefully and repeatedly if you cant understand at one time reading.

If you are Audiance Network user who are generating revinue in Facebook Platform through monetization then dont worry , its not about your revenue its about the ads and ads campaign you create in facebook.

Okey lets get started , What does Facebook Audiance Netwo Bidding Mean ?

You’ll be competing with hundreds of thousands of advertisers to buy what Facebook is selling ( ads/ads campaign) on the News Feed, Messenger, Audience Network, and mobile apps to display your ads to the users. It means When you’re creating a new campaign, you’re joining a huge, worldwide auction.

But don’t worry Facebook will try to satisfy every advertiser, the space for advertisement is limited even with 1.79 Billion monthly users. Sometimes, Facebook won’t be able to fulfill all the requests. When this happens, the highest bidders will get the most placements.

Things you must know :

If you try to bid too low, your campaign may not get the exposure it deserves, and you won’t reach your goals. Remember, you always get what you pay for.

Don’t worry about bidding a high amount. You’ll still end up paying the lowest amount possible in the auction to get your ads delivered.

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