Nepal Idol first runner up Pravin Bedwal has revealed secret of his Right Hand. As we have seen that he always keep right hand in his pocket during Nepal Idol’s performance , interviews , etc.

There were a lots of people who are concerned about the reason behind his right hand. After the end of Nepal Idol 3 , he have revealed the secrets of his right hand.

In the latest interview with K6 Nepal after becoming 1st runner up of Nepal Idol 3 , he have revealed the secrets. In the interview he told that ‘ His right hand have an serious problem in accident when he was travelling on bike towards Badrinath trip in India . ‘ Although , that accident was not because of vechile’s hit ‘ , Bedwal Said . Further he explained that the accident was not while riding bike , ‘ It was bad luck , in the place where we were parking bike , suddenly occpured a landslide and my hands gets stuck’ , bedwal said.

You may still have curious or confused about the reason of not revealing the reason of his right hand during Nepal Idol journey , lets be cleared. Answering the question in the interview he said that ‘ i wasn’t wishing to get sympathy and reach in this level , if i had revealed people would criticize me and give reason of being on this place because of sympathy rather than my hard work & performance’ .

This was the reason he kept his right hand in his pocked during Nepal Idol journey. If you wish to watch the interview here it is :