Here’s a list of the services that will now resume/continue operations in the first phase

All health-care services

All agricultural, livestock related activities

Manufacturing Industries

Construction works

Waste Management

Banks and Financial Institutions, Cooperatives, Insurance companies

Development Projects

Transportation and sale of essential services such as medicine, food, fruits and vegetables, dairy, poultry, water, beverages, petroleum products

Fire Brigade, Ambulance

Electricity, Information and Communication, Postal Services


Take away food services from restaurants

Hotels providing quarantine services, and transportation for the same

Workshops (electric, machinery, vehicles)


Forestry and Nursery related activities

Private vehicles (odd-even rule) and pedestrian movement

All government offices, educational institutes’ offices/administration, private offices will resume work on June 14, although in two shifts amd with 50 per cent staff in attendance

Transportation of labour workers, with one passenger in one file

Safety measures and protocols will have to be strictly adhered to in course of conducting operations of the above-mentioned activities

The services that will remain suspended for now

Schools, colleges, tuition and training centres

Departmental stores (other than grocery items), malls, cinema halls, party palances and other recreational centres

Cross border movement except from designated entry points

Domestic and International flights except for special operations

Public gatherings such as fairs, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

Seminars, meetings exceeding 25 people

Places of religious gatherings

Transportation services and vehciles other than the ones allowed in phase 1

Sporting activities, performances

Health clubs, swimming pools, gym, salon and beauty parlors

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